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Craps, How to Win Secrets Revealed

Top 10 Things You Should Know

Here are ten things you should always know and focus on to learn how to win craps:
1. How to win craps is not a contest that pits you against the casino. Contrary to what you have heard or been told, you are really competing against other craps players Fun88.
2. A thorough understanding of the rules of craps and the odds for the many betting options will clearly show that the casinos are basically middlemen. They furnish a venue for craps players to bet on the outcome of two dice being rolled and pay the winners for guessing right more often. For this, the casinos receive a small cut from the bets being placed Fun88.
3. Never place a bet without understanding the potential outcome and financial result you can expect. For example, if you flip a coin 10 times, eventually, heads and tails will show up an equal number of times. Betting on either will eventually lead to you breaking even. Right? However, with craps, although the pass line and don't pass line will eventually show up an equal number of times, betting on either side will eventually lead to you breaking even or losing Fun88.


4. The fact is that each bet on the craps table will eventually win. This is true no matter what the odds are and no matter how many times the bet loses Fun88.
5. With craps, how to win is more about understanding that you will lose money at some point, but you will also win money at some point Fun88.
6. The key to winning is to choose bets that have a smaller house edge (the percentage of your money the casino ultimately gets from your bets), but also have a greater chance of winning sooner rather than later. Consider a Place bet on 6 versus a Hardways bet on 6. The house advantages are 1.52% and 9.09% respectively. The place bet wins no matter how the 6 is rolled (5 ways possible). The hard 6 only wins one way Fun88.
7. You must determine the size of your bankroll before you enter the casino. Once determined, stick to that plan no matter what.
8. You must decide on a limit to the amount of money you are willing to lose before stopping. This decision must also be made before you enter the casino, and you must stick to the plan no matter what Fun88.
9. No matter what your strategy, system or method, decide on the plan prior to entering the casino. Stick to the plan religiously. If you are tired, too nervous, feel overwhelmed, or feel the urge to guess... stop playing. Take a break and regroup. Once you go back, if you go back, resume your original plan Fun88.
10. Finally, how to win craps means having the discipline to walk away a winner. Remember tip number 5? If you accept this fact, once you are ahead, walk away for the day. Here is the test to see if you have what it takes: Would you rather win a day for 20 days and still have your betting bankroll, or would you rather win ,000 your first day and lose that, plus your bankroll within two days? Fun88.
Only you know the answer to that question. If you are to elevate yourself from the ranks of the masses, commit the ten tips above to memory, follow them without deviation and winning will follow you. Then you will know how to win craps Fun88.




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