Fun88 How to Win at Blackjack - The Real Life Story!

How to Win at Blackjack The Real Life Story!

How to Win at Blackjack 

I believe many people are wondering at the sincerity of authors like us and whether we are out to just make a quick buck Fun88.
The point is, if the articles we wrote are not at all true, then it will be hard for us to keep churning out articles of 400 words or more without going dry and wondering how we are going to keep writing more articles in the first place Fun88.
And more importantly, after going through many bad situations we certainly would like to share our experiences and help like-minded blackjack gamblers to improve on their skills and luck if possible Fun88.
So how to win at blackjack is a phrase that many players always ask day in and day out.
But...after searching for many strategies and watching many blackjack videos and learning some card counting skills, many people are still left without a good strategy in winning blackjack games.
Let me tell you a real life story:-
Once I was playing blackjack at a table with several other players. There was an irritating man who hopped on my deck of cards and thought that it was his cards and decided to call the shots of whether to take or stay or whatever. Of course the dealer knew it was always mine, and still waited for me to show my hand action. As a cool blackjack professional, we tried our best not to let emotions run in. So I later actually let the guy take over my seat and continue to let him play on. And of course I was not having a good run, so I did not really mind.
If you look at it in another angle, for an amateur blackjack player, most likely he will get angry and shout at the fellow to get lost. If this should happen, your focus on your game would have been gone and lost and you would have a bad day instead.
So after I stood behind him, I also noticed that the guy who sat next to me was having very good cards. So I decided to hop on his bandwagon with just a chip. Imagine that chip brought me 0 later on in half an hour! As I did not have much time to continue in the casino, I left the scene and wondered how much more I could win if I had stayed!
The whole moral of the story is:


1) Do not let your cool lose you at the casinos.
2) Always keep your focus on your game and not on the people Fun88.
3) Always know what is going on at your table and take advantage of whatever situation you can get Fun88.
These free blackjack tips hold true to their words and will help you to get an edge in winning blackjack all the time online casino in india.
Other than these tips, other tips you should know are:-
4) Always prepare a sum of fixed money to play and that is it. Leave all your credit cards behind and atm cards at home online casino in india.
5) Be prepared to lose, so that you do not lose your cool if you really lose your money.
6) Have a game plan to know when to keep playing and when to exit online casino in india.
7) Know your basics of blackjack gaming.
8) Know your basic card counting and blackjack basic strategy to get a better edge at the game online casino in india.
9) The most important tip is online casino in india.


Always keep a check on your emotions. The moment you lose it, even if you are winning, and the moment you think you can never lose a single set in blackjack is the moment you have lost control of your emotions. Always think that all this is just business, as having good business and some times bad. You will definitely go off a winner all the time no matter what the actual outcome of the trip to the casino!
So this is the real deal at how to win at blackjack! Good luck!



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